A place where we can share what we have learn

Replicating Data Product Architectures

Sharing knowledge is they way to advance in what we aim as human beings: to transcend. That’s why the Institute’s commitment is to offer a series of workshops, classes and seminars that teach the understanding of data science. We want to give advice to people who want to start learning data science. Particularly, our way to teach is from a learning-by-doing perspective. We think that a good way to accomplish this is by replicating the projects that we have encounter at the Institute. For each module we want to give all the knowledge necessary to a novice data scientist to replicate the models to tackle similar problems in different contexts.

Workshop of modelling online social networks with data science



Understanding the implications of Data Science

We see learning as a tool to resolve dilemmas, taking into account that our actions have repercussions and influence in other systems. For this reason, we are passionate to also incorporate moral and ethics implications at the time to adopt technology innovation. We wan to foster the debate between the community about the implications of intelligent algorithms in ethics and legislation.

Workshop on Ethics and Legislation of Intelligent Algorithms