Is the method – based on the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) – for developing an enterprise architecture that adopts data science.

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Technological progress in the last decade has shifted the information management paradigm. Through big data analysis, organizations have acquired new means of identifying and exploiting strategic opportunities, but to do so they are required to fulfill a series of organizational and technical conditions.


Many organizations might think that adopting data science  has to do only with the development of a machine-learning product, but building data products that supports the decision-making actions over particular systems, a deep organization analysis is needed. That is our key-difference.

The Readiness Analysis for Data Science Adoption (R.A.D.S.A.), determines the extent to which the organization is able to be data science driven and how to do it. Additionally, the R.A.D.S.A. methodology measures the potential benefit extracted from it’s own implementation and is a first step towards developing new  data science orientated products, services and corporate practices.

We aim to disrupt the current business architectures and to transform and innovate the way the organization adds value to society. When adopting data science as a key-process of the management, we not just like to understand what are the goals and the mission of the organization, but to understand its whole context by a series of organization-analysis with the objective to take the strategic decisions that will transform the competitiveness of your organization.