The Institute of Analytics
is a community of data scientists
that advises organizations
in the innovation
of their business architectures
with data science.

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Why, How and What

Because we believe our societies work in an unsustainable development path, we believe that we can augment our intelligence to create a better society through social data science.

We engage in unresolved problems, that are a real challenge and that look forward to change the status quo.

To transform our society’s understanding by doing social data science design.



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Adopting Complex System Behavior
Into Your Organizationi_analytics_Stationary_Sabbath

At the Institute of Analytics, we have developed a journey of methodologies that helps your organization to set the right environment to adapt data science as part of your business architectures.

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R.A.D.S.A. is our methodology to determine the readiness of your organization to adopt data science. We analyse your business, data, and technology architectures to design a  Gap Analysis Strategy.






We provide legal advise for the acquisition of new digital and technological services, as well as the design of proprietary information and confidential disclosure agreements for the assurance of your data products development.

As we care in the protection information privacy we help in the compliance and due diligence  of data treatment.



radsa-menu_home3Analytics is part of our spinal cord expertise. It is our methodology process model – based on the CRISP-DM Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining – for adopting analytics models through data science in a sequence process of data understanding, data modeling, model evaluation and deployment.





We try to share everything we have learned about data science in a series of workshops, classes and seminars. This is the Institute’s commitment to create a sharing-knowledge culture.



This is Institute of Analytics